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Breaking: Women Have Money!


Money makes the world go ’round, mostly because rich people paid some poor slob to drag it in whichever direction they wanted. Anyway, sure, traditionally men have had better paying jobs than women, and women have been stay-at-home-girlfriends/wives and stayed at home, but the times they are a-changin’, reports dating trends blog the New York Post. The times, they already have. No longer do you have to be rich to take out a New York City gal. She might even go out with you just because you’re “interesting.” And she might even pay.

See, women are getting edumacated, and they’re working good jobs, and sometimes they even get paid more than men do. (The income of single women in their 20s living in New York City is now 17 percent higher than that of their male counterparts, reports the U.S. census.)

And these ladies are fine — just fine, indeed — with picking up the tab for their poor, wannabe actor unemployed boyfriends, as long as those boyfriends have a few good jokes up their nicely cleaned up sleeves, and don’t burp or fart at the table. How else is a girl going to feed herself?

But rather than touting this as blessed independence for women who can choose what and when and how, and even pay for it themselves, the Post says,

Successful 20-something ladies may have scant choice but to date Big Apple guys with skinnier paychecks — or (deep breath) no paychecks at all. So instead of the perfunctory “purse reach” at the end of a romantic meal, young women are now pulling out the plastic.

Scant choice! Scant choice, indeed. The Post seems to have conveniently forgotten about the time that we took them out to dinner (since we are strong and independent and have a job) and, when the check came, finding their conversation dull and their puns deplorable, whisked off to the bathroom to escape through the window into the back alley and run all the way home, leaving them with the tab.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Plus, if twentysomething guys really are becoming such slackers, we ladies need to keep them on their toes.

She works hard for the money…and pays for the date [NYP]

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