Charo Disses International Pop Sensation! Ay, Caramba!


Charo is the Spanish singer/guitarist who cuchi-cuchied (and shed) all over The Love Boat and who, after many decades living in this country, still speaks English with an accent thicker than a Meryl Streep character’s.

It’s part of her shtick, and she’s muy delightful at it.

But on Frank DeCaro‘s Sirirus XM OutQ radio show yesterday, the shimmying Spaniard dared to get douchey-douchey with my gal Lady Gaga.

After praising Carol Burnett‘s performance as Charo’s mom in various sketches, Charo said:

“What I don’t like is when somebody copies somebody and just adopt it. Like, their own idea.

“You want me, I go a little further I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea”.

Hotchi totchi!

That’s outrageous!

If either of them is wearing diapers, it’s…neither of them.

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