Day 10 of Unrest in Libya; Space Shuttle Discovery to Launch on Final Mission; Lindsay Lohan Threatened With Jail


Libya’s third-largest city, Misrata, is reportedly controlled by anti-government forces, as is the second-largest city of Benghazi. The capital of Tripoli remains held by the government; it’s said no one is allowed in or out of certain neighborhoods. This is the 10th day of unrest. CNN has a country-by-country breakdown of how governments are trying to get their citizens out of Libya. [CNN]

Space shuttle Discovery will embark on its final mission today. [NPR]

Lindsay Lohan “will be going to jail,” said her judge, if she accepts a plea deal over the allegedly stolen necklace (which she denies stealing). Other options involve a trial, which may send her to jail as well. [LAT]

A motorcyclist collided with multiple buses in the Lincoln Tunnel this morning, causing injuries to 28 people and shutting down the Tunnel (there’s a one-hour delay). The motorcycle driver is in critical condition. [DNA Info]

The MTA admits that a bunch of broken elevators and escalators in the subway system are indeed broken. [NYP]

There is a Mark Zuckerberg comic book. Don’t worry, it will be a movie, too. [NBC NY]

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