Fat Beats Is Opening A Pop-Up Store In Brooklyn Next Week


The September shuttering of deified NYC record store Fat Beats was a somber occasion for hip-hop fantatics nationwide, the definitive marking of the end of an underground-rap era, a sad sign of the times that surprised no one and depressed everyone. (The tiny West Village spot’s going-away party was pretty great, though, if you managed to get in.) lives on, though, and now comes word that every so often they’ll invite everyone to Brooklyn for a little party at their warehouse.

“FB BK is an event, which we will be holding once a month, during which we will make a section of our BK warehouse available to the public as a retail space,” the Fat Beats braintrust tells us. “FB BK will be reminiscent of the atmosphere and energy that the NY and LA stores once exuded. We have DJs of note spinning throughout the day, such as DJ Evil Dee, DJ Spinna, and Rich Medina.” The first such fete happens next Saturday, March 5, from noon to 8 p.m., giving vinyl obsessives citywide a chance to catch up with old friends and see what that Madlib’s been up to lately; April’s party will probably be Record Store Day-themed, of course. Fat Beats’ warehouse is at 110 Bridge Street in Brooklyn, on the third floor, and clearly they’ve gussied it up for you. Do drop by.

Thanks to Phillip Mlynar for the info.

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