Home Cooking is Just Like Eating at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at The London


This release came through the mailbox today, and while this sort of announcement generally goes straight for the electronic trash can, part of it caught our eye:

Gareth Evans understands what it is like to have no time on your hands. The Head Chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at The London has had a busy life. … Chef Evans appreciates that not everyone can take time out of their day to make a complex dinner. Working off of one of his classic dishes, Chef Evans has taken the extra steps out of his recipe for Loin of yellowfin tuna with marinated jicama, smoked soy and Asian pear with American caviar, to create a family friendly dinner that the novice chef can create in minutes — not hours.

Evans’s modified recipe is surely easy to prepare. But a closer look at it poses some questions.

Gareth, what novice chef, pray tell, owns yuzu juice and smoked soy sauce? The tuna might take minutes to make, but shopping for the obscure items could take hours. And it’s questionable to call this dish family-friendly, since what child — even a precocious New York City kid — loves what’s basically raw tuna and salad?

Nice try, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at The London, but maybe next time stick to something like spaghetti?


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