Man Grows Beard for Over a Year; We Remember Our Favorite Beard Moments


This time lapse video shows the photographic journey of a man who grew out his beard for one year and six weeks. Corey Fauver, the video’s bearded protagonist, only received a silver medal for his efforts in the Carleton College Golden Schillers short film competition. We think that this video deserves much more than just some 2nd place prize in some dumb film competition. Fauver has a much nicer beard than most of the hairy folks we’ve covered in the past.

Let us never (ever) forget the story of Harvey Westmoreland, the man that was forced to eat his own beard. He was held at knife-point by a (former) friend and forced to chew on his own facial hair. Jen Doll reminded us that human hair contains some “healthy” amino acids so we didn’t feel too bad about his incident.

Jen also spoke about terrorist beard trends last year. She mused, “Richard Reid of shoe-bombing infamy goes for a mussed yet sardonic aspect that reminds us of long days on the beach, while bin Laden’s salt-and-pepper face locks and pristine turban lend him a classic air.” Agreed!

Don’t forget to scroll through the Village Voice photo gallery from the Mustache and Beard Fest 2011. The event was held at the Bell House on January 31 and the facial hair on display was quite exquisite.

For more about beards, 365 days a year, Bearddit, the thread exclusively about beards on Reddit, is a great resource. The members of the thread put up beard pictures, talk about their favorite beard care products and even discuss a little beard history.

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