Melissa Leo’s Oscar Campaign Brouhaha: My Final Thoughts


Melissa Leo has won every award in tarnation for The Fighter and she was the frontrunner for the Oscar, too, until some whoop-to-doo happened over ads she took out in Variety.

They showed her being all glammed up and lovely, a far cry from the spunky, ragtag, cigarette-chomping character she plays in her acclaimed role.

The ads are obviously a way for Melissa to remind people, “Hey, I’m versatile. I can do pretty. And by the way, I’m only 11 years older than Mark Wahlberg.”

But in crazy, hazy Hollywood, there’s been a terrible backlash over this campaign, as if Leo seriously overstepped and miscalculated.

Well, I agree that she didn’t need the ads because she already had the award in the bag, but I don’t see the problem with them, when you come down to it. It’s part of the campaigning process!

Years ago, Margaret Avery blew her Oscar chances by taking out bizarre but heartfelt ads in which she spoke as her Color Purple character.

But now you get penalized for taking out an ad that’s the opposite of your character?

Give Melissa a break.

And give her the Oscar.

And by the way, last year, people were bitching out Mo’Nique — in the same category — because she wouldn’t campaign. You remember how that turned out.

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