New York Post Columnist Steve Cuozzo Schooled on Internet by Proud Cyclist


In yesterday’s New York Post, columnist Steve Cuozzo continued his usual pattern of slamming the Department of Transportation, this time in reference to their plans for 34th Street, which he calls a “grand boulevard,” like we live in Paris or something. He starts by describing the DOT’s bike lanes as “detested” and argues that they have “merely forced cars to park far from the curb and turned streets into parking lots.” Cuozzo then rails on and on against the “34th Street plaza” in his usual anti-bike, anti-DOT way, calling the whole thing an “ill-advised scheme.” Streets Blog offers a point-by-point rebuttal to Cuozzo’s writing, in which the “insanity is usually self-evident,” but local blogger and cycling enthusiast Brian Van Nieuwenhoven took a more guerrilla anti-Cuozzo approach. He bought for 2 years and redirected it to the website for Transportation Alternatives, Cuozzo’s sworn enemy.

“He is so easily discreditable in his arguments that it’s often not worth digging into them,” Van Nieuwenhoven told Runnin’ Scared via email. “But I do use some of them to illustrate how some arguments used against DOT initiatives are downright evil, stupid and nonsensical.”

This time, though, he was fed up enough to take some action, besides blogging. A quick Google search of Cuozzo’s name revealed that the URL was available, so Van Nieuwenhoven bought it and “redirected it to Transportation Alternatives, a group whose mission is almost the exact opposite of what Cuozzo supports in his writing.”

“I’m a proud, card-carrying TA member, and I’m happy to spread awareness that they exist and advocate for the safety, convenience and health of all commuters,” he explained.

As for Cuozzo, it’s unclear whether he knows about his long-neglected domain. Van Nieuwenhoven says he hasn’t heard from the columnist or the Post and is still debating whether or not he should point them to his little prank.

Meanwhile, if you’re into alternative transportation or internet tomfoolery, do your part and click the link, Google it, blog and share it — Cuozzo could have a (less scandalous) Santorum problem in no time.

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