Russia Wants to Send Olympic Torch into Space


Russian officials are working hard to construct a plan to send the Olympic Torch into space. The Russian government wants to hand off the torch to the cosmonauts stationed in the International Space Station during the relay to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The AFP is reporting that the head of Russia’s Federal Space Agency said “It is not a bad idea,” and “It is theoretically possible.”

The first question that crossed our minds when we heard about the torch going to space was “What’s the most extreme place that the torch has been?” Well, in the year 2000, the torch was made to stay lit underwater so that it could voyage across the Great Barrier Reef for the Sydney summer games.

But wouldn’t the fire just burn up the small amount of oxygen that’s in the space station? At any rate, we’re not sure it’s worth the effort of figuring out how to send a torch into space when there’s such an easy solution right in front of us. The Russian government should just use one of these Halloween decorations and call it a day:

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