Tomorrow: Our 10 Best and Cheapest Eats at Penn Station


Will this be your fate, doomed to eat expensive, endlessly rolling tube steaks, OR …

We’ve all had the experience, dashing through Pennsylvania Station to catch a train, and wanting something cheap, fast, and delicious, but despairing of finding anything that’s not pricey as well as repulsive.

Will you tune in tomorrow morning and discover where to get this excellent focaccia sandwich made with fresh mozzarella ($3.50)?

Fork in the Road decided to address the problem, spending many hours deep below the earth, elbowed and jostled by frantic travelers, braving lines and plunging into dark and uninviting spaces to come up with a ranked list of the very best and cheapest snacks among many, many possibilities.

So tune in bright and early tomorrow morning for Our 10 Best and Cheapest Eats at Penn Station.

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