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Dear New Yorkers: Step Away From the Subway Tracks


We can’t take it! No more! It’s gotten so we get nervous just watching you guys lean in and look for the train and, please, just step back, it’s going to come when it comes and it would be better if you were alive for it. Also, dropping your wallet/phone/teddy bear/ham sandwich should in no way encourage you to jump into the subway tracks and rescue it. It just isn’t worth it! As for you nutters who want to push people in the tracks, and those of you who think suicide by subway is a grand idea, you really need to stop that. It imperils our commutes, and makes us mad. You don’t want to deal with mad commuters.

In 2009, 90 people were hit by trains. This year’s latest case of “falling into the subway tracks” comes from a man who fell in the tracks and — thank goodness — actually survived being run over by a train. Still, we’re sure the experience was unpleasant for him, and not so nice for the witnesses, either. The Daily News reports that this happened at the East Broadway station — where an MTA worker was recently pushed onto the tracks — just after noon yesterday. The man “appeared dizzy and lost his footing, falling to the tracks,” where he was pinned by a Brooklyn-bound F train. Yikes.

“He looked messed up, but he was talking,” said Karim Carter, 34.

Stephanie Johnson said she waved her arms in a frantic and ultimately fruitless bid to signal the motorman as the train rumbled into the station.

“I heard the crunch of the train going over the body,” she said. “I was hysterical.”

Josephine Gonzalez Pryor, 62, said the man’s left arm and leg looked mangled, but he was somehow still alert.

The man was taken to Bellevue in serious condition. Please, everyone, let’s BE CAREFUL. Step away from the tracks.

Hey, MTA, what about those walled subway doors you were talking about?

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