Flavorize Wants to Be the Pandora of Food


The Interweb is getting pretty crowded with all the food and restaurant sites that are cropping up (Google’s new recipe search, Foodspotting, Foodily, Dinevore), and now Flavorize wants to become “the Pandora of food” by recommending dishes based on taste preferences.

Per TechCrunch, FlavorMetrics Corp. is seeking a $1 million investment to create Flavorize, which will let users in New York or San Francisco enter ingredients, restaurants, dishes, and flavors to generate suggestions based on crowdsourcing to determine new foods to sample.

CrunchBase explains it a bit better:

After signing up for free, you’ll review a few dishes, noting taste attributes such as sweet, crunchy, chewy, fried, dietary restrictions, etc. In as little as five reviews, you’ll have your unique Flavorize Taste Profile. Then, when you’re craving something sweet and salty while out and about in, say, The East Village, your Flavorize mobile app will recommend that you’ll love the fried chicken and waffles at 6th Street Kitchen. It’ll even provide a SmarterMenu that will show you exactly what’s good at 6th Street Kitchen according to your taste. How does Flavorize know? We calculate dish compatibility based on your Flavorize dish reviews of other dishes from other restaurants. You loved the glazed ribs (sweet) at Agozar and Belgian frites (salty and crunchy) at Pommes Frites? Flavorize recommends chicken and waffles — and the best place to get it near you.

Seems like an interesting concept, though it’ll be interesting to see how it’s able to register individual taste preferences, which are so subjective and not necessarily linked to one another. But think of this as Brillat-Savarin’s famous axiom — tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are — for the tech generation.

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