‘Fuck You, God!’


No, that’s not me talking.

I don’t believe in God, so why on earth would I tell Her to fuck off?

It happens to be a line from The Book of Mormon, the reportedly wacky musical by the South Park guys that just started previews on Broadway.

Murmurs say — SPOILER ALERT — that in one scene, missionaries come across Ugandan tribespeople singing a “Hakuna Matada”-like happy spiritual.

But it turns out what they’re really singing (when translated) is the not very lilting “Fuck you, God!”

And by the end of the song, it becomes “Fuck you, God, in the cunt!”

Yikes! My mind is swimming with questions!

Is this the first “cunt” musical to hit the boards since Hair?

Will bedraggled tourists wish they were instead seeing The Sound of Music?

Or will the c-word set to music be such a hit that Chicago will suddenly change its name to Cunt?

And most importantly:

Dear God, how do I get tickets?