Jeff Mangum at Town Hall Tickets Sell Out Instantly, And a Twitter Nation Laments


At 11 a.m., New Yorkers got their long awaited, announced in advance, ticketed-and-everything, first official Neutral Milk Hotel show (slated for October 29th) in a long, long time. And at 11:01 a.m., perhaps unsurprisingly, it was already over–if LCD Soundsystem can sell out Madison Square Garden in less than a second, then rest assured Jeff Mangum can manage to fill the much smaller capacity Town Hall in a minute or so. This time, people actually seemed to get tickets. But not many of them. And their elation was immediately drowned in the tears of their less lucky peers. Phish fans, what did you do before Twitter made every highly anticipated ticketing event such a heartrending circus of human pathos?:


Oh right, and then there was this guy:


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