Jeff Mangum Tickets For Town Hall Are On Sale At 11 A.M.


Update: This is already sold out. Let the weeping begin. Just a friendly reminder that tickets for Neutral Milk Hotel guru Jeff Mangum’s feverishly awaited solo show at Town Hall (happening October 29, which is an impossibly far-away date to conceive of right now, but those Pavement shows happened eventually, y’know) are on sale via Ticketmaster at 11 a.m.; rest assured, when this sells out in like 10 seconds, that he won’t get all huffy on Twitter and announce four run-up shows at Terminal 5. (He is doing quite a few other shows, yes, but they’re all at least somewhat out of town.) To whet your appetite/jog your memory, here he is doing “Engine,” in the very sweater you see above. This show is going to be super awkward and probably fantastic.

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