Stephen Colbert Stuck With Subliminal Anonymous Mask


The social news site Reddit brings us news of Stephen Colbert, seen above in a still from last night’s Colbert Report, subliminally fitted with a Guy Fawkes mask, in the style of V For Vendetta. The mask is also a symbol of the amorphous hacker collective Anonymous, who just yesterday took on the Westboro Baptist Church. Anonymous also stands in solidarity with WikiLeaks, which Colbert just happened to be reporting on.

Here’s a slow-motion clip of the mask being projected onto Colbert’s face:

And here’s Colbert discussing Anonymous and their support of WikiLeaks:

While some might wish to see this mini-stunt as Anonymous infiltrating and hacking the highest levels of cable television, it’s more than likely just a little wink from Colbert, as if he’s saying, Yes, I read the internet… and I like it

[ / @joecoscarelli]

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