The Week We Let Our Eyes Wander


Last week we spent a lot of time searching for solid ground in a world where Arcade Fire win Grammys and Odd Future take over Fallon. This week Tyler got his shoe back, Thom danced, and we all moved on.

We listened to Titus Andronicus Amy’s new album, discovered “bubble-gum sludge”. Metal Sucks put out a second volume of their New York metal compilation for those looking for relief from the four Justin Bieber albums currently dominating the charts. And then there was that new Xray Eyeballs song about the girl who did too much crystal meth.

We wondered if all your tweeting about Radiohead was a sort of all-together-now special or just a result of Radiohead standing “on people’s critical nerves until it shorts out and cries out for mercy.” Thom Yorke might have been more likely dancing, though.

Maybe you go a ticket to see LCD Soundsystem at one of their added farewell shows, or maybe you didn’t get a ticket to see Jeff Mangum at Town Hall — either way, you probably tweeted about it. You can always tweet about it.

Willie Mays told us about his stage gab, something we think Lady Gaga does charmingly. French DJ Douster told us he watches movies in his head while making music. This “seeing-in your head” is something wandering-eyed David Letterman might want to try.

To whoever won the Ducktails tickets, enjoy. To the rest, this weekend nightlife happenings are abundant, as are LCD Soundsystem muppet videos. We’ll see you Monday.

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