Wart Remover and Eye Drops Turn Out to Have Unfortunately Similar Names


I mean, you could see how this might happen, right? The New York Post reports that a Queens man had eye surgery, went to fill his prescription for “Durezol,” and the pharmacist at the Walgreens instead gave him “Durasol,” which, oops, turns out to be wart remover instead of eye drops. Wart remover is not good in the eyes, but the man unwittingly used it anyway, causing “grievous personal injury.” Ouch.

So now the man is suing Walgreens for $1 million. At least they didn’t give him Duracells. Har. Har.

No, this is no laughing matter! Check your prescriptions, everyone. If it says “wart remover,” don’t put it in your eye. Unless you have warts on your eye, in which case, stop reading and seek medical help immediately.

I got wart Rx as eyedrops: suit [NYP]

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