Wisconsin Bill Stripping Union Rights Passes in Assembly; Lady Gaga Gets Target to Give to Gay Groups


• The Wisconsin state Assembly has passed a Republican bill that would remove collective bargaining rights from most public workers — a/k/a, take away union rights. The bill now has to pass the state Senate. Watch the incredible reaction on the floor of the Assembly as the vote passes. [CNN]

• Lady Gaga will release a limited edition of her single at Target, but only after she met with store execs to demand they up their support to equal rights charities and “make amends for previously supporting political candidates perceived as anti-gay.” They have agreed to give more to the LGBT community. Wow.The power of Gaga. [Toronto Sun]

• Dealing with the whole Bernie Madoff fiasco has cost a world of hurt, plus $228.3 million, not including money that’s gone to the victims. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation estimates it will spend $1.1 billion more on the case, “equal to the entire annual budget of the Securities and Exchange Commission.” [NYT]

Scarlett Johansson’s dad apparently collapsed on the street near his home in the West Village. He is now in Bellevue, in critical but stable condition. [NYP]

Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen. It’s fine to be an F-18. Just don’t tell anyone about it. [RS]

• Expect it to rain all day until evening, and then get really windy. More snow’s on the forecast for tomorrow night. Weather! [Weather]

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