World Trade Center Mega-Station Will Cost $3.44 Billion


The World Trade Center Transportation Hub is set to be one of the City’s most massive changes to New York’s subway system. The building will have access to PATH trains, 13 subway lines and even the proposed JFK rail link. Sounds awesome, but how much will it cost taxpayers? The New York Post is reporting that the proposed cost will increase “by a staggering $180 million.” (That’s 40 million round-trip subway rides to work!) This brings the total cost to $3.44 billion.

The Post spoke to Steven Plate, the Port Authority’s construction czar, who said “the sky-high white steel arches designed for the hub will cost $221 million.” This expensive white steel (which is too “Miami Ceach” for our taste) is costing double what they originally thought it would. The new Transit Hub sounds incredible, but is the Port Authority spending too much money to meet our needs?

The Second Avenue Subway, the never-ending project from hell, came out with its own new budget last month. The final price tag is supposed to reach around $5.27 billion. So the Port Authority is spending a combined $8.71 billion dollars on two ginormous construction projects.

The G train “comes whenever it feels like it” and Brooklynites frequently have to wonder, “Is the L Train Fucked?” Shouldn’t the Port Authority just make sure the trains that we already have run properly?

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