Your Weekend In Nightlife, Starring Escort, Douster, DJ Harvey, And C.A.K.E.


If you happen to live in Williamsburg, we’re happy to tell that you won’t have to travel very far for the best of tonight’s dance parties. Stay local if you can for three very different but equally excellent dance floors, all within a few blocks of each other. Start your Friday night at Public Assembly’s back room for Flashing Lights. The monthly house, techno, club, and tropical dance rave features residents DJ Ayres, Catchdubs, Jubilee, and tonight’s special guest Douster. The young French producer has spent time in Brazil over the past few years, and it shows in his sets. Expect a club-influenced set of all things tropical — dancehall, cumbia, Latin house, kuduro, and a bit of U.K. funky. Bass-friendly and sometimes glitchy, you may recognize the guy’s work from his “King of Africa” track a few years ago (the one that samples The Lion King‘s “Circle of Life”), or his more recent collaboration with Savage Skulls and Robyn for “Bad Gal.” Tickets are $10 at the door, glow-sticks welcome.

Up the way at the Cove is this month’s edition of Turrbotax. They’ll claim they don’t play dubstep (though their lineups suggest otherwise), and tonight they take a break, however briefly, for Baltimore house and club DJ Karizma. The man has been around forever, collaborating with his hometown’s Basement Boys while releasing music on legendary house labels Defected, Strictly Rhythms, and R2, not to mention his own K2 edits series. What we’ve been most excited about lately though is the DJ’s collaborative releases with DJ Spen under the Deepah One (DP1) alias — it’s house with some of that signature Baltimore-club grit and bass that we’re so biased toward. Take this “Epic Proportions (Da Banga Bang)” track or their DP1 Dub Break Down of Marc Evans’ “You Can’t Hide From Yourself,” for example. So, so good. Free before 11 p.m., $5 after.

If you want a bit of disco mixed in, jump across the street to the recently renovated Cameo. DFA stalwart and Beats in Space host Tim Sweeney takes over the space alongside Italians Do It Better’s Mike Simonetti for tonight’s One Hand Clapping fete. The last time we saw Sweeney DJ Cameo, he rocked out to a heavy dose of punk, making for one of the best sets we’ve seen him play. We know that Simonetti loves the “rocky” side of disco as well, and can only imagine what weird dance rock the two will pull out of their crates together. $12 at the door, party starts at 11.

Saturday brings a new bout of disco-themed soirees, but this time they come with a live band. Dance outfit Escort are headlining Music Hall of Williamsburg: Live, the 17-piece disco orchestra are as much a perfectly tuned jam band as they are disco revivalists, which makes for a pretty insane performance. (There are three backup singers and just as many drummers.) Not to mention that their most recent single, “Cocaine Blues” (a take on the disco-reggae jam “Cocaine in My Brain”) was one of our favorite dance tracks of the past year. Midnight Magic joins them with their own live disco set featuring their cast of Hercules and the Love Affair ex-pats, while the Spank DJs play before, between, and after sets. Tickets are $12 in advance and likely more at the door.

If you’re staying city-side, head to Santos for an all-nighter with DJ Harvey, who’s known for extended sets of disco, house, and garage at his Sarcastic Disco one-offs, and has worked with everyone from Larry Levan to Francois K., friendships that ultimately led to the rare edits and releases on his own somewhat quiet Black Cock record label. Tonight he rides solo, with no opener or interruptions. Tickets are $20, and the party is likely to run late.

If you’re looking for party raps Saturday, head to the basement of Tamanny Hall for a free night with Fully Fitted’s Prince Klassen and Death Set darling Roofeeo. We stopped in last weekend and were met with a mix of hip-hop, reggae, Baltimore club, bounce, and dance remixes of Lady Gaga and Britney. While this party is mainstream-friendly, we were also met with three vogueing divas and a handful of girls who chose to booty bounce while standing on couches instead of the tiny dance floor. If you’re in Brooklyn and looking for much of the same, head to Clinton Hill’s newer hangout Sweet Revenge for C.A.K.E., featuring our pal Skinny Friedman and Crooked Disco’s Morsy. The name means “Cigarettes Alcohol Kill Everyone,” “Can’t Avoid Kickboxing Elephants,” “Cool and Kingy Everyday,” and anything else that you come up with on your own. Expect an overhaul of Southern rap courtesy of Skinny and some more club-oriented jams from Morsy. Free all night.

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