Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown to Be Very Lucrative For Charlie Sheen, Says Charlie Sheen


This whole Charlie Sheen losing his mind thing hasn’t been good for CBS, whose decision to cancel Two and a Half Men may cost $250 million in revenue. But it’s going to be very lucrative for Charlie Sheen, what with the new $5 million per episode deal with HBO. And the forthcoming tell-all book, which he tells TMZ he’s shopping around for $10 million.

In case you’ve been ignoring one of the most entertaining and sad celebrity meltdowns since Britney, Charlie Sheen has been throwing himself on the career funeral pyre these past couple days and CBS has cancelled his show. Which is fine because according to Sheen, he’s about to close on a deal with HBO for 10 episodes of a new show called Sheen’s Corner. For which he’ll be paid $5 million per episode. “It will be epic, all types of guests, and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!” he told Radar Online.

Obviously this is false and HBO said as much. Now Sheen says he’s shopping around an explosive tell-all book about his Two and a Half Men years to publishers, for which he expects the bids to start at $10 million. The poignant, totally not clichéd working title: When the Laughter Stopped. I wonder how far along Charlie is on the book, which definitely exists and is going to happen. He just needs to squeeze in time to work on it during his Bahamas vacation in between bouts of freebasing cocaine and sordidly bedding porn stars.

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