U.N. Discusses Libya Sanctions; Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown Could Lose CBS $250 Million (Weekend Links)


  • A U.N. security panel is meeting today to discuss how to go about fixing the situation in Libya. They’re discussing whether or not to impose international sanctions on the Libyan government, including travel bans on Muammar Qaddafi and those who are close to him. The U.S. has already closed its embassy in Tripoli and imposed sanctions. U.N. secretary general Ban Ki-moon estimated that 1,000 people have been killed so far in the violence in Libya. [NYT, CNN]
  • The decision to stop production of Two and a Half Men due to Charlie Sheen’s lunacy could cost CBS $250 million. [NYT]
  • Rumor has it that Britney Spears has landed the cover of the upcoming issue of V magazine. [NYP/P6]
  • A 14-month-old baby was trapped in a bank vault in Georgia for three hours last night. The baby wandered away from its mother and somehow…got inside the bank vault? [CNN/WSBTV]
  • New York blogger Pamela Geller and her followers have been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, joining groups like the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Geller’s group, Stop the Islamization of America, was one of the loudest enemies of the proposed Park51 project. [NYDN]
  • Scary local NYC news teasers from the ’80s. [EV Grieve]

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