Violence in Yemen Caught On Video [Exclusive]


A tipster has sent us graphic videos of the government crackdown on protestors in the southern Yemeni city of Aden. According to CNN, clashes between government forces and demonstrators in Aden yesterday left four dead of gunshot wounds and 26 injured. Protests have been going on across Yemen to demand the resignation of president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

This video shows protestors marching in Aden yesterday. It takes a turn for the terrifying at 1:11 when gunfire breaks out.

This is much grainier but you can see people walking down the street, preceded by a tank or tank-like military vehicle. Gunfire or an explosion of some kind can be heard at 0:17 and at 1:34. Google Translate translates the title of the video as “Military deployment in Maala and just declare a state of emergency” – we think that Maala refers to Mualla, a district in the city of Aden. According to CNN, some victims were “hit by gunfire when security forces shot into crowds of protesters in the city’s Mualla district after 10 p.m. Friday.” It’s unclear whether this footage is documenting part of that or not, but the video was uploaded Friday.

We’ll update with more details about this footage when they come through.

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