Celebrity Anti-Semitism on the Rise


As you know, John Galliano was suspended by Dior after his allegedly anti-Semitic rant against a couple in Paris last Thursday (Galliano denies it and is crying “defamation” — but today, a clip surfaced of him saying, “I love Hitler”).

The same day, Charlie Sheen went into crazed radio-show tirades against his show’s producer Chuck Lorre, saying the guy’s real name is “Haim Levine.”

(Sheen argues that it’s the Hebrew translation of Lorre’s birth name, but let’s face it; the actor was in attack mode and spewing it as an epithet.)

And of course there’s always Mel Gibson.

So nu?

What is with the resurgence in Jew-hating on the part of rich, famous people who should know better?

Are they somehow threatened? Ill-informed? Seriously bigoted? Or all of the above?

I foolishly thought anti-Semitism peaked around the time of Gentleman’s Agreement, but apparently successful, pampered people still sit in their ivory towers and toss around the k-word, thinking it the height of wit and wisdom.

Yeah, it takes the heat off the gays for a few minutes, but still, this wave of foul-mouthed insanity is so disturbing it makes you wonder if Hitler would have a big following in Hollywood and fashion if he were alive today.

If he already does, don’t tell me!