Montenapo Owners Finally Give Up


Not even Gennaro Sbarro, formerly of the pizza chain that carries his family name, could save the doomed restaurant in the New York Times building. Montenapo has closed for the second time since it opened just under two years ago.

Crain’s is reporting that Sbarro, who also owns the Midtown restaurant Salute, has returned the large space that housed the restaurant to the landlord. Blaming the economy — and not the fact that the Times building sits on a bleak corner across from the Port Authority — he said that the shutter, after just a year of ownership, was “a big financial loss.”

It hasn’t been a good week for the neighborhood. Per Midtown Lunch, Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen, right next door, killed its breakfast service, and now Eater has noticed that Gray’s Papaya has shuttered its Eighth Avenue location. So, while you can find good, cheap eats at Penn Station, you’ll be harder-pressed to do so if you’re traveling by bus.


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