Oscars 2011: Ranking the Red-Carpet Fashion Highs and Lows


At Refinery 29’s Oscar Viewing Party at the W Hotel in Union Square last night, we waited eagerly to be wowed by the celebs on the red carpet. Alas, that moment never came. We mostly shrugged, “meh”ed, and nodded. Not even Helena Bonham Carter, whose eccentricity has kept us entertained in the past, could hold our attention with her basic black corset dress. Perhaps last month’s Golden Globes simply sucked out everyone’s rebellious fashion potential for the Oscars — or maybe, because loads of them got creamed for it, celebs decided to dress safe…in other words, boring. Maybe that’s why James Franco seemed baked, and why the show overall sort of blew. But we don’t want to be a complete drag, so here are our picks of the fashion highs and lows from last night’s Oscars.

Best Boob Placement. There’s no denying Jennifer Hudson’s extraordinary weight loss, but this dress accentuates that point on another level.

Best Comeback. After her unfortunate Valentino daisy dress at the Golden Globes, Michelle Williams recovered beautifully at the Oscars. She never strays from her demure, slightly infantilized aesthetic, but she represented the best of it in her glittery, short-sleeved white Chanel Haute Couture.

Best Social Outing. The boys men from The Social Network came through like debonair celebs from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Andrew Garfield looked great, if bemused, in Louis Vuitton, and Tom Ford was an excellent fit for Justin Timberlake. Jesse Eisenberg, who went back to his curly hair, also looked good, as did Armie Hammer, in Giorgio Armani.

Best Date Night. Matthew McConaughey, in Dolce & Gabbana, cleans up real nice, and his baby momma Camila Alves, in Kaufman Franco, isn’t bad either.

Best Schizophrenic. Mark Ruffalo’s wife, Sunrise, sported a Two-Face black and orange gown that was overwhelming and could’ve used better proportion.

Best Conundrum. Good? Bad? We’re not sure about Cate Blanchett in her Givenchy Haute Couture gown. Either way it was puzzling, but we’ll take that over average any day.

Best Va-Va-Voom. Jennifer Lawrence, in lipstick-red Calvin Klein, was clean, poised, and unpretentious. She stood out among them all as the shining star.

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