Rich People Love Fast-Food; It’s Been a Good Year for Maine Lobster


A U.S. Appeals Court upheld a lower-court ruling allowing Starbucks to end its distribution agreement with Kraft.

Rich people are eating out more at fast-food restaurants. It turns out some people with six-figure salaries would rather spend their money on Jimmy Choos than dinner. [CNN]

Pittsburgh is trading in hearty Old World fare like pierogi, cabbage rolls, and kielbasa for fresh, local, and seasonal foods.
[NY Times]

New Mexico’s troubled chile market has led to a new bill to make it illegal to sell or advertise any product as New Mexico chile unless its peppers are grown in the state.
[NY Times]

Increased supply and demand meant a great year for Maine lobster, with chains like Ruby Tuesday and Panera adding the crustacean to the menu.
[NY Times]

Dallas, Pasadena, and Alpharetta, Georgia, are among cities where great taco joints have sprouted in gas stations.
[Wall Street Journal]

Tom Hobby, the longtime manager at Peter Luger, offers an insider tour of the legendary Williamsburg steakhouse.
[NY Post]

Wolfgang Puck, accompanied by his son, served up Oscar-shaped salmon and chocolates at the Academy Awards last night.
[LA Times]

The U.S. Army only last year rolled out a new food program to better feed troops. The “Soldier Athlete” plan bans soda, refined grains, and fried foods in mess halls.



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