Sixpoint Launches Berserker Bock, Made with Stumptown Beans


Sixpoint, the city’s favorite hipster beer, has come out with a new beer called Berserker Bock, made with beans from Stumptown, the city’s favorite hipster coffee. The beer, which is the second in the company’s line of “Mad Scientist” beers, references the time when the Berserkers (Norse warriors) had brewers accompany them on their voyages. The brewers would collaborate with local medicine men and forage for herbs and spices for their brews. The original locavores!

The Sixpoint brewers decided to start by brewing a lager beer instead of the traditional coffee stout or coffee porter for the Berserker Bock. Lager beers are cold-fermented, which inspired Sixpoint president Shane Welch to infuse cold-brewed coffee into the bock.

According to Beermenus, the Berserker Bock is available on draft at Strong Place, Sunswick 3535, and 61 Local, and in growlers at Yorktown Beer, Eastern District, Bellmore Beverage, and GRAB Specialty Foods.

One question, though: If there’s coffee in the beer, does that mean it can replace one’s morning java? One can only hope.

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