Staten Island’s PS22 Chorus Were The Only Remotely Competent Performers At The Oscars



Oh my dogg, the Oscars were terrible this year: Anyone who is not Trent Reznor, Randy Newman, or Cate Blanchett (“That’s gross”) is invited to take a seat. The only other entity that came out ahead: Staten Island’s own PS22 Chorus, taking a break from prettying up tunes from Katy Perry, MGMT, Ariel Pink, and the like to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at the merciful conclusion of the most interminable award show in interminable-award-show history, displaying a youthful vigor noticeably lacking from the Oscars themselves. Whether ABC will ever in a million years permit any part of this show — even that one good part — to appear on the Internet remains to be seen, but let’s hope the PS22 kids get some kind of bump out of this. (You can donate to their cause here, FYI.) Maybe they can host next year, and sing all the songs, and win all the awards. Here they are with Kylie Minogue awhile back, immediately displaying far more rapport than what’s-her-face and the stoned guy. Let us never speak of this again.

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