Taco Bell Employees Speak Out, Placate Angry Consumers with 88 Cent Crunchwraps


It’s been a hard few months for Taco Bell, with consumers (Our Man Sietsema included) angry about the lack of beef in the company’s products. So what better way to lure back customers than with a cheap deal and new ad campaign? Except this one is still sending the wrong message.

Taco Bell’s latest ad campaign features its employees “sharing the facts” about the chain and its food products. In the ad, an employee proclaims, “Our seasoned beef is 88 percent premium ground beef and 12 percent signature recipe. If you want to see that signature recipe, go to It’s right there.” He then tells the consumer that a Crunchwrap Supreme is available for the discounted price of 88 cents — symbolic as it’s the same percent of premium ground beef used in the brand’s seasoned beef recipe.

Now, everyone loves a deal, and saving $1.50 or so off the Crunchwrap seems like a generous offer, but doesn’t this ad just reinforce the notion that there’s still 12 percent of “signature recipe” in the beef? What consumer wouldn’t prefer 100 percent beef? Even if that meant a $1 Crunchwrap.

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