The Media Is Still Fascinated by David Chang


Since just about every major media outlet has now profiled David Chang, are there any stones left unturned? Jimmy Fallon thinks so, and sent his camerafolk striding off into the wilderness to search under the rock that is the Great One’s ultra-secret-private-treehouse test kitchen, seen by cameras for the very first time. And oh, the things they found! Plastic half-pint containers filled with substances! Spilled homemade soy sauce! A box full of something resembling desiccated donkey penises! And, of course, Chang himself, proclaiming that he and his crew “want to figure out what the hell is American food. We’ve got to be more than dirty-water dogs and slices of people where people are like, ‘Wow, that’s the biggest slice of pizza I’ve ever seen.'” He’s thinking of maybe one day opening a distillery, and when and if that day comes, expect the cameras to be there, too.

[Via Eater]


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