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Today You Have an Excuse for Falling Asleep in Public


Maybe you haven’t heard: Today is National Public Sleeping Day. That means it’s your duty as an American citizen to fall asleep in a public place because somehow this will help America. Maybe it’s your duty to fall asleep at work because you’re very tired since you stayed up watching the Oscars and eating a bunch of chocolate and then were too excited that the King’s Speech won Best Picture (heart you, Colin Firth!) to fall asleep.

Or maybe you slept just fine, but the bus or subway ride home is just so soothing, and the shoulder of the person sitting next to you so warm and soft and pillow-like, that you just can’t help yourself from nodding off. Maybe your professor has one of those extremely calming voices that rocks you right into lala land as soon as he starts talking. Or maybe you’re one of those narcoleptic types who just drops off in the middle of crossing the street.

In any of these cases, good for you. When your boss or professor yells at you, or the person on the bus or subway pinches or shoves you, or you wind up getting hit by a car, you can tell them: It’s National Sleeping in Public Day! So there!


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