Worst Oscars Ever!


Or at least since the Rob Lowe/Snow White one.

Here’s why:

*ZERO suspense. Any random person on the street has known the winners for months.

*The tug between “young and hip personalities” and ancient film references was as schizo as Cate Blanchett‘s dress.

*The acceptance speeches were either dazed and incoherent or dry and boring litanies of names.

*Hammy Kirk Douglas was beyond irritating as he hijacked the Supporting Actress moment (though I did get a perverse kick out of his earlobes).

*Randy Newman was sweet to say that there should have been five song nominees, though in actuality, there should have been none.

*And hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco died a hundred deaths with really lame material. It was all setup with no punchline.

Next year, get comics again!

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