BrunchCritic Launches, Helping New Yorkers Navigate Through a Sea of Eggs Benedicts


Despite a prediction that a brunch backlash would occur this year, a new website called BrunchCritic has just launched, fully ensuring that the trend of expensive egg dishes will live on forever.

“Brunch is big in New York and I felt a need wasn’t being met in terms of having one central, comprehensive resource for brunching in the boroughs,” explained founder Andrea Pappas. “I really want to reinforce the community element brunch has.”

The site, which is still in beta, lets users search for restaurants by both neighborhood and unique feature (BYOB, gluten-free items, dim sum, etc.) and also includes a section on the site that pairs New York City landmarks with restaurants so users can plan full-day activities. The search navigation is what makes the site different than some of the other brunch sites on the Web, like I Heart Brunch and Brunch in New York, which feature long reviews from single sources.

A recipe section will eventually provide explanations for how restaurants make their famed midday dishes. “Since they are usually preparing to serve a high volume of people, we’ll then pare down the recipe to what a family of four can use in their own home,” explains Pappas.

One thing the site doesn’t offer, though: Advice on how to get rid of the 4 p.m. hangover after hours of endless mimosas.