Cats Make the Best Boyfriends


Finally, there is scientific proof! Your cat is not just pretending to love and manipulate you — it really does love and manipulate you. Which means it’s way better than that sad sack who just sits on the couch watching football all day and asking you to replenish his “brewskies.” A new study has determined that ladies and cats have a special bond, which makes “cat lady” into a term of great respect, really. It’s like you’re practically married.

During a recent study to be published in Behavioural Processes, scientists watched 41 cats interact with their humans over time. What they saw was “real attachment to their owners,” including demonstration of needs and wants and mutual social interactions.

Cats, like people, tend to “keep track” of generosities and repay them in kind, if they feel like it: “They were more likely to respond to owners’ needs, if their owners had previously responded to theirs.” So, you give your cat some tuna; your cat will come and sit on your lap. So much easier than dealing with the confusing whims of men!

Further, cats are responsible, trustworthy, and never end up making out with someone else at the bar. In fact, they rarely even drink. They eat what you give them and don’t complain, but for the occasional vomiting — and sometimes that just means they really liked it. They listen without judgment, are there when you need them (except when they’re hiding under the bed), and pick on your furniture rather than your insecurities. Perhaps best of all, they never make fun of you when you watch The Bachelor. Plus, they are soft, warm, and cuddly! So what if you have to clean up their poo? For better or worse, you know.

Humans who own cats tend to like the cats a little bit more than the cats like humans (or, humans are “already motivated to establish social contact”), which does mean that the cat sort of sits in the power seat of the relationship, leaving its fur all over and demanding attention whenever it feels like it. But that’s cool; every relationship involves one person mammal who likes the other ever so slightly more, and you know we ladies tend to go for the guys cats who are hard to get. As long as that person cat keeps the toilet seat down and never leaves his dirty socks on the floor, it’s looking like a pretty sweet deal!

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