Exclusive Download: Shark?, “You Don’t Love Me (Anymore)”


Brooklyn’s Shark? are a greasy splat of post-garage splendor, a remarkably consistent four-man blast of dive-bar jukebox rock who’ve been kicking around your Cake Shops and Don Pedros for a minute now–if we were in the business of using words like “underrated,” we might consider slapping it on these guys. After giving away two homespun EPs at shows and online, Shark? crowd-sourced finances to record their first studio full-length last summer, ultimately raising more than $1500 and offering benefactors who donated more than $100 the chance to choose song subjects. So what topics did people pick? “Numbers, The Best Day Ever, Chicken N’ Eggs, and a dog named Winston,” frontman Kevin Diamond writes over e-mail. The tracks, he says, are “weird and fun, we’re having a good time writing them. The song about The Best Day Ever is about meeting The Replacements.”

None of those assignments are on Kreegah, the band’s first stateside seven-inch that came out last week on Oops Baby Records and is currently streaming from Shark?’s Bandcamp site. Shark? has kindly allowed us to post the B-Side, the admirably well-adjusted rejection jam “You Don’t Love Me (Anymore),” which you can grab; the band will be celebrating their seven-inch release this Friday night, March 4, at the Cake Shop with Dinosaur Feathers, Motel Motel, and Sanctuaries. Hopefully they will play Kreegah‘s A-Side “Hip Hop Hooray,” which is sadly not a Naughty By Nature cover, but maybe they’ll do that too if you ask nicely?