More Details About Smash, the TV Series About Broadway


We know that Smash is an upcoming NBC series about the making of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.

Debra Messing and theater actor Christian Borle star as the composers, Theresa Rebeck is writing the series, Hairspray‘s Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman are the real composers, and someone named Steven Spielberg is producing.

But there already was a musical about Marilyn Monroe, which flopped loudly on Broadway in 1983, with immortal songs like “Close The Door, Norma” and “You Are So Beyond.”

Well, Scott Wittman (who actually saw that show) assured me that Smash will have nothing to do with that particular Marilyn musical. Whew.

He also cleared up another confusion of mine:

If Smash runs for years, will it always be about that same musical — the long run, the touring, the aftermath?

No, he said, it would focus on a different show each year.

Great! Maybe they can do a musical about Spider-Man. But not that musical about Spider-Man.