Natalie Portman Outraged Over Galliano’s Jew Hating


Leading up to the Oscars, the big fashion speculation was whether Natalie Portman would wear Dior, which she’s under contract to promote, or Rodarte, who did the costumes for Black Swan.

Well, it’s a good thing she chose Rodarte, because as she walked the red carpet to the awards, the huge story had broken that John Galliano — who designed for Dior — was accused of hideous, drunken anti-Semitic slurs involving “ugly” people and ovens.

After the Oscars, a reporter tried to ask Natalie about her feelings on the Galliano brouhaha, but her publicist cagily diverted the question.

(Flacks love to avert controversy and besides, at that point, it was just an allegation and Galliano was screaming defamation.)

But now that the “I love Hitler” video is as part of public legend as the Mel Gibson tapes, Galliano’s tutu has been roasted and Dior has fired his mushy ass.

Talk about ugly people! His career is oven-bound!

So now Natalie can be brave and say she’s appalled, blah, blah — which she did.