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Patricia Field Defends John Galliano!


Here’s the ‘Sex and the City’ stylist’s official statement:


Beauty, intelligence and energy would describe John as I know him.
Where in this trilogy could one find hate?
I ask you!
My second question is: What exactly did he say?
And the third is.
What is really going on here??”

My response:

Well, what did he say? Very ugly stuff, using the horror of the holocaust to try to cut down Jewish people who were smart enough to video him doing so.

John has a big problem, Pat. He’s full of genius, but obviously has a very dark side that gets him stewed and fuming bigotry in public on repeated occasions.

What’s going on here? He got fired because no sane business would tolerate that kind of crap, no matter how brilliant you are.

A leader has to act responsibly. Fashion sense just isn’t enough!

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