Premiere: Stream Mr. Dream’s Debut LP, Trash Hit, In Its Entirety


You will have your type of nostalgia, and we will have ours: to us, the debut LP from Brooklyn trio Mr. Dream (out today, at last) feels like a dazed walk back through the last 25 years of Jesus Lizard, Big Black, and Nirvana records, all arch sarcasm, drawling melodies, a peculiarly grown-up mix of frustration and amusement. But the record’s fun too, and funny, knowing but unembarrassed about its influences–and made by three of this blog’s friends and favorite people, so take all of the above with a grain of salt, or just listen to it yourself.

Use that widget above to download “Unfinished Business,” too–a late ’80s punk prom jam if there ever was one. The record was produced by the band’s drummer Nick Sylvester and mixed with help of former Get Him Eat Him frontman and fellow music writing vet Matt LeMay, which means the whole thing is a bit of a reunion for the Pitchfork circa ’04 critic class. Catch the rest of that vintage masthead and a bunch of other people we’re friends with in real life at the band’s record release show this Friday at Glasslands–8:30 p.m., $8, tickets here.