R.I.P. Jarrett Rivera? Hunts Point Refuses to Rest in Peace.



Jarrett Rivera was gunned down February 6 in Hunts Point, a month after his 24th birthday. Almost as senseless are the threats and counterthreats that broke out afterwards. A one-paragraph Runnin’ Scared item on the Bronx homicide on February 18 unleashed a barrage of bitter comments.

Cops are looking for 23-year-old Yohan Perez in connection with the Sunday afternoon shooting. Rivera’s friends are looking to revenge their fellow “Henny boy”– or at least they say they are. Maybe it’s the gulps of Hennessey V.S. that are talking. Finally, someone else in the poorest part of the poorest county in the U.S. got sick of it all.

One of the commenters finally wrote:

What is going on with us? My dear latinos is it not clear to see that we have lost two of our youth to the streets yet again. Is this all we can do is fight each other. Now even on this news thread in front of the media we must fight? Let it go. Mourn the death of this man who was yet to live a quarter of a century and the probable incarceration of yet another who was yet to live a quarter of a century and leave it at that. All this talk of snitches, gangstas and thugs. None of that passes into the grave. None of it. Live life and live it plenty. The street life is an empty life. Henny boys means nothing in the grand scheme of life. So many thugs running around talking about how much they stack and who they rep but how many will ever make it to travel and see the world or make it past their 30’s with a career that they can support their families? Stop destroying the Latino image on the pages of the village voice for all to see in the name of emptiness. War no more. Pick up a damn book, a business trade, your children, hug your families. For goodness sakes.

She uses the moniker “Why.”

Rivera was found at about 4:45 p.m. in front of the Hunts Point Deli, at Gilbert Place and Hunts Point Avenue. He had been shot several times and was DOA at Lincoln Hospital. Rivera lived on Faile Street, just about a block from the deli.

All cops have said is they are seeking Yohan Perez, 23, “in connection with” the shooting. So far as we know, he’s in the wind.

The guestbook at Sisto Funeral Home in the Bronx shows that Jarrett Rivera won’t be forgotten. He has someone’s “fat little cousin.” He was the godfather of a friend’s child. He was a drinking buddy and a nice guy to many in his neighborhood. Photos show him as a guy who knew how to dress nice as he sipped his cognac.

As one cousin put it:

Words cannot even explain what im feeling at the time in my life,im so upset , hurt, sad and everything else all in one,that you left me you were my baby cuzzin and my big brother too whos gonna look out for me if its not you ,what am i gonna do without you how am i suppose to go on after tomorrow, knowing that everytime i go to titis house you wont be there laying on the cough watching TV.I miss you so much you have no idea,I love u so much Jarrett.