WikiLeaks Responds to Claims of ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ From Julian Assange


Julian Assange, according to the sometimes-satirical British current affairs publication Private Eye, had an angry phone conversation with an editor at the magazine, claiming a conspiracy at the hands of journalists and editors from the Guardian, “all of whom ‘are Jewish.'” After some argument, Assange reportedly said, “Forget the Jewish thing.” But right away, WikiLeaks responded with a statement, beginning pointedly, “Because WikiLeaks has some Jewish staff and enjoys wide spread Jewish support, its staff have frequently been smeared by its opponents, political or competitive, as being agents of the Mossad or of George Soros. These smears are completely false.” There’s much more.

Assange, defending his own honor:

“Hislop has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, ‘Jewish conspiracy’ is false, in spirit and in word. It is serious and upsetting. Rather than correct a smear, Mr. Hislop has tried to justify one smear with another. That he has a reputation for this, and is famed to have received more libel suits in the UK than any other journalist as a result, does not mean that it is right.”

More generally, WikiLeaks contends:

…smears against WikiLeaks cross the geopolitical spectrum. Ian Hislop, editor of the weekly satirical current affairs magazine Private Eye, recently wrote an article “as much as he could remember”, about an off the record conversation with Julian Assange who complained that a previous article, appearing in Private Eye, was based on falsehoods spread by opponents and calculated to undermine WikiLeaks strong Jewish support.

They go on to cite Guardian editor David Leigh’s various alleged offenses against Assange and WikiLeaks, including that he “deliberately, and secretly, broke an agreement signed by the Guardian’s editor-in-chief stating that 1. the Guardian was not to publish WikiLeaks cables 2. the Guardian was to keep them confidential. 3. the Guardian was to not store them on an internet connected computer system.”

“We treasure our strong Jewish support and staff, just as we treasure the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share our hope for a just world,” says Assange in conclusion.

And yet, for months there have been claims of Assange’s personal instability, including the outstanding allegations of sexual abuse. And sure, on one hand, it could be a cumulative conspiracy to discredit an organization that’s dangerous to governments and businesses worldwide. But on the other hand, at some point Assange is just a liability.