Adele Tops The Billboard Charts, Actually Sells Some Records


Finally, a Billboard #1 we can back wholeheartedly: Congrats to Adele, the Brit soul-singer non-diva of whom we are quite fond, for selling a whopping 352,000 copies of her excellent new 21, the best-selling chart-topper since ye olde My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy back in November. This only increases the chances that she will be further ogled by randy late-night talk-show hosts, but we have no doubt she’ll power through.

As chart enthusiasts are doubtless aware, the rest of the Top 10 is frankly pretty harrowing, and perhaps best left alone. So let us instead celebrate the music industry’s biggest 2011 success story to date with Adele’s powerhouse version of “Rolling in the Deep” for David Letterman, who at least found her musically impressive as well.