Park Slope Anti-Rap Club Petition Flooded With Pro-Rap Signatures, Hilarious Jokes


You will by now be familiar with Prime 6, the soon-to-be Park Slope club and already the site of much controversy. Will the neighborhood descend into an orgy of Yo MTV Raps, “Henessey” [sic], and “bling-bling” on account of the club’s plans to play rap music? Or will the forces of “indie” prevail? Who knows, but the latter seems increasingly less likely. Since the petition to inform owner Akiva Ofshtein that “Indie Music Will Earn You More Than Hip-Hop!!!” leaked earlier today, the internet has stuck back, flooding the document with “signatures.” We use quotation marks because, well, look above. Shout out Das Racist, Will Smith, Mel Gibson, Fab 5 Freddy, and Barack Obama, and no love to the people getting all ad hominem with this surely already deeply regretful woman (click to enlarge):

There’s 11 pages of this stuff and counting, so by all means, make your voice heard.

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