Someone Who Isn’t From New York Wins Food & Wine’s People’s Best New Chef


The people have spoken to Food & Wine, and their best new chef doesn’t live in New York. He lives in Boston.

A week after urging their readers to cast their vote for its first-ever People’s Best New Chef (an award that presages Food & Wine‘s annual Best New Chef Awards juggernaut), the magazine has announced that Jamie Bissonnette, the chef and co-owner of Coppa Enoteca in Boston, is the winner of the award. He’s known for doing balls-out nose-to-tail cooking (tripe, pork belly, and beef tongue stew, etc.), which suggests that Food & Wine‘s readers are a lusty, carnivorous bunch.

And New York City can’t even claim a regional winner — that would be David Felton, the chef at 90 Acres, which is all the way in New Jersey. So it seems that while we’re more than happy to hoover down whatever Dan Kluger, Gabe Thompson, Emma Hearst, Tien Ho, George Mendes, César Ramirez, Carlo Mirarchi, Rich Torrisi, and Mario Carbone put in front of us, we can’t be bothered to vote for them. Or more likely we can, but with our forks instead of a mouse.