The Royal Wedding Website Is Here! The Royal Wedding Website Is Here!


Almost as thrilling as those two glorious brunettes with the funny accents whom we don’t even know (personally) getting hitched in some famous abbey far across that large body of water that separates us Americans from a whole shit-ton of tea is today’s news that THE ROYAL WEDDING WEBSITE HAS LAUNCHED. Hear, hear! May March 2 go down in history not only as this blogger’s birthday, but also as the day the Royal Wedding Website launched.

The website is very exciting, as it should be, because the entire purpose of a wedding website is to drum up enthusiasm for an otherwise bureaucratic social event to which people must travel, bring expensive gifts, wear hats and/or suits, and act like adults until they get stinking drunk and humiliate the Queen by puking in a potted plant during a Lady Gaga remix. In fact…

The website,, is the official information service for anyone interested in the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Regular announcements of wedding details in the run up to the wedding day will appear on the site.

The website will be regularly updated with exclusive content, including photo galleries, features, videos and links to important information for visitors on the day.

See? Exclusive = exciting. Also,

The website will bring together all of the official social media around the event, including the Clarence House and Buckingham Palace Flickr account, Twitter (@Clarence House), The Royal Channel on YouTube, and the British Monarchy Facebook page, providing direct easy access to all channels of communication. Subject to further planning work, the website may feature a live web stream broadcast of the wedding itself.

Three words: Live. Web. Stream. And it will be the first place to see Kate’s dress! It’s a one-stop shop (shoppe?), if you will. Bookmark now, or forever hold your peace. See you at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, 2011!

As for where Kate is registered, that’s none of your business.