Why Will March 20 Be a Sweet, Sweet Day? It’s Macaron Day, Naturally


March 20 is going to be an exciting day, and not just because it’s the vernal equinox. It’s also Macaron Day. Is that a fake holiday, you cry? Well, yes, sort of. In 2010, François Payard organized New York’s first annual Macaron Day, inspired by — and coinciding annually with — the Jour du Macaron in Paris (in part created by Pierre Hermé). Those kooky pastry chefs, creating holidays left and right. But Macaron Day will bring forth free macarons!

FC Chocolate Bar at the Plaza, François Payard Bakery Bouchon Bakery, La Maison du Chocolat, Almondine Bakery, Mad-Mac, Macaron Café, Bisous Ciao Macarons, Butterfield Market, Desserts by Michael Allen and Dessert Truck Works, Cannelle Patisserie, and La Renaissance Pâtisserie Française will be participating, handing out free samples of the French pastry throughout the day. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.