BBM Coming to iPhone: Are There Still Reasons To Buy a BlackBerry?


Tech rumors are flying that BBM, the exclusive BlackBerry messaging service, will be headed to iPhone and Android phones within the next year. Engadget says that, “RIM intends to take its BlackBerry Messenger outside the cozy confines of the BB ecosystem and straight into its competitors’ app stores.” This brings relief to people everywhere faced with the life-altering choice of making the switch from a BlackBerry to an iPhone. Is it worth holding onto your pink Pearl?

It only took us an hour to come up with 10 good reasons that you should keep your “CrackBerry”:

  • You have a qwerty keyboard and it’s much easier to type on that than a stupid touchscreen.
  • BlackBerrys cost less than iPhones, so you will have more money to spend on your iPad 2 sex machine.
  • You will probably be able to hear people talk to you on the phone.
  • Your legs won’t have burns on them.
  • Brickbreaker!
  • You get to tell people that their iPhones are just too mainstream.
  • Hello Kitty battery door cover is just too cute for words!
  • BlackBerry App World is the coolest place to hang out online (only available on Windows, obviously).
  • Android is represented by a robot, and robots are totally evil.
  • You’re Bill Gates, his wife or one of his kids, so you’re not allowed to get anything else.