Euthanized Puppy Comes Back to Life; May or May Not be Seeking Revenge


Upon finding a cage of six abandoned, emaciated puppies behind Sulpher Animal Shelter in Oklahoma, Animal Control Officer Scott Prall had no choice but to put the dogs down. The litter was then thrown into a dumpster behind the overcrowded shelter (yes, that is what happens to dogs who are put down; they do not receive Last Rites or individual funerals). WLTX reports the next morning Officer Prall checked the dumpster which was supposed to be emptied overnight. It wasn’t. What’s odder still is that one of the puppies who was declared stone-cold dead the night before was alive and well, licking death in the face.

He has since been named “Wall-E,” because he is the last of his kind. People from around the country are sending in inquiries to adopt the pooch, but we offer a stern warning: this dog has crossed the River Styx and tussled with Hades, you really think a spritz of water in the face is going to scare him after pooping on your white carpet?

Best case scenario? Wall-E is a Highlander, and you know what they say about a Highlander; There Can Be Only One.

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